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Author Topic: "She Said 'Yes'" -- denying God, et al  (Read 9230 times)
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« Reply #25 on: July 29, 2006, 03:09:48 AM »

It's beginning to get thru my thick head that Christians can support one another, in this world,
making it possible for us to see spritual realities that we would never have discovered on our own. 
And this is the way God truly wants it to be - so that we can rejoice in Him and, in a sense, in one another,
for "man was not meant to be alone" is true on several levels.


I did see the responses on CAF thread and thought they were excellent.  Of course, some of my favorite posters were on there so I am not surprised they had a useful response.

I saw you made this same point there, and I responded -- turns out when I tried a different browser my edit window worked OK.  Anyway, I repeat the response here to keep it in one place.  (Yes I did copy and paste to a word processor before trying to post just in case I lost it.)

Dear reen,

I think we each represent mystery to each other, and mystery is one of the things that seperate us from God.  Other humans do not have the knowledge of God, but they have knowledge we don't have, and if one is sensitive enough to perceive and assemble some of the pieces a partial picture of incomplete peace in that mystery may show.

Of course, my thoughts are not original but are adaptations of what I've heard from others, and this mystery business is not totally unlike the Cloud of the Unknowing.  Each of us who is reasonably healthy have certain common experiences simply due to being alive, and further being human.  Beyond that, we have so many differences it is absurd to think that we all were educated in different parts of the planet by different people under different circumstances, but all have the same viewpoint and understanding of the greatest mystery of all, the Trinity.

When one looks through a telescope, one can see close up.  Using a wide angle lens one can get the "big picture."  To get any perception of depth, though, one uses binoculars because it gives two slightly different viewpoints, and the degree to which the two views match and don't match helps us see in stereo, adding a dimension to our sight that is beyond the ability for a camera or a person with one eye to observe.  Of course there are a lot of optical clues such as people know what size a tree is and thus have some idea of the distance, but that's misleading.

When two people look at the same thing from different perspective, how can we invoke "stereo" so that we can perceive in a dimension beyond what either of us alone could see?  I submit it is a matter of communication.  Most people would never see the difference between the "left" and "right" image of binoculars, because the differences are so subtle.  They have to see both at once in order to open up the next dimension.

Similarly, I think that two people sharing faith can try to understand each other, but as long as the understanding is only intellectual they have not truly "merged" their thoughts because words are easy to alias one feeling or thought for a slightly different one.  Alias is an engineering term I am able to use with confidence, as it can fool a person into thinking one signal is actually another.  Since we humans love to pattern-match, we "lock on" to our own version of a feeling and never actually enjoy the difference nor gain any depth from it.  Only when we truly communicate at a profound level without the noisy interference of anxiety and pretentiousness, we can actually merge out spiritual concepts to the point where we can see into the next realm.

Where two or three are gathered, there am I.  Mystery and different point of view.  On the internet, we can multiplex to the point where we can get so many views we become either confused ... or enlightened.

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... love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.
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